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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by Rhonindk, Dec 5, 2015.

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    After seeing all the posts on the pluses and minuses of iOS9 and the issues I have, I need to ask:
    Why is the behavior between devices so different?
    I have an:
    • iPhone 6+ 64gb AT&T loaded with stock iOS9.1. It only has a couple of non-stock apps.
    • iPhone 6S+ 64gb AT&T loaded with stock iOS9.1. It has 124 additional apps.
    • iPad Mini 3 64gb LTE AT&T loaded with stock iOS9.1. It has 84 additional apps.
    iOS9.1 could not be more different for each device. What works well on one, may not on one or more of the others. I have restored, reset as new and restored, DFU reset as a new device, reset as new device, manually loaded all apps fresh, etc... and it may increase or decrease the number or severity of issues and how well the device runs, however none of them are bug free nor run the same.

    Something simple like app updates. The Mini will not let me know if I have updates. Occasionally an update will hang during the install phase. The 6+ usually, not always, will let me know of updates and may or may not auto install. Sometimes they hang. The app store icon generally takes several minutes for the badge to update post update :confused:. The 6S+ almost always auto updates. If it doesn't it won't indicate I have an update pending.

    Safari runs differently on each (discounting the ad blocker). Smooth scrolling but sluggish on the 6+. Smooth with infrequent stutter on the 6S+. Slight stutter with occasional heavy stutter on the Mini. Tabs on the Mini at time say "Favorite" instead of the page title. Open in a new tab doesn't always run the page until I specifically select that tab.

    Stock email app on the Mini is really bad. Slow load, will require mail redownload just after viewing, issues with off line viewing of read email. On the 6+ the badge updates to the incorrect value and doesn't retain email body detail for offline reading. 6S+ will tell me I have new email but only loads on open. Then the badge takes a few minutes to update. All of them may take several minutes to update the source email server with the new status; delete / archive / move / read / unread / flag ...

    I share texts between my devices. Texts will show up on the Mini before the 6S+ when the 6S+ is the device being sent to. The 6+ will get it a couple of minutes later.

    Weather ... whoa! All three can and have displayed a different temperature for the stock weather app. I also have BeWeather on all three and the 6S+ is the only one that will update the icon live ... sometimes.

    Gallery ... ouch! Select a photo on the Mini to share via email and it takes up to 2 minutes for the stock email client to load with the pick. The 6+ and 6S+ run in a few seconds.

    Camera ..... I don't even know where to start. It is bad enough I only use the 6S+ for photos and that's just for work.

    You are starting to get the picture. I previously had iOS8.x on the 6+ and the Mini and outside of the offline/load stock email app issue, I had none of these problems. It isn't the hardware. It could be, potentially, doubtfully, interference from other apps. Why on iOS9? What has changed that can create such a diverse difference in functionality across devices. As a programmer I would have no clue where to start on trying to troubleshoot this ... mess.

    Anyway, just a soapbox rant on my frustration around iOS9. For those whose device works well, enjoy it. For the rest of us ... not cool. Either way, have a great day and hope that Apple fixes this soon. ;)
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    Oct 17, 2011
    But aren't various people adamant about everything being be same for everyone?
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    Nov 30, 2013
    Looking at Central Park@550 feet
    My sons iPhone 6 on iOS 9 is used to take hundreds of pictures that is shared with the family.

    I have an expensive collection of camera equipment and use my iPhone, now 6s for all around shooting. Obviously not a match for a dslr with red ring lenses but very good in its own right. So I'm not sure what issues you are having.
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    The camera takes good pictures - 6+ okay, 6S+ better. What I was used to was open the app and click. Picture done. Change settings if I want. Doesn't always happen that way anymore. A click does not always a picture create. No one thing, just little things that makes it less than reliable and makes the activity frustrating. Missing impromptu shots ... o_O

    Same here. Have a decent DSLR but most photos are done on my Note 5 with the 6S+ as backup and work stuff. I use the DSLR for planned shots.
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    You would think there should be a certain level of similarity. There should be. The "not" is mind bending.
  6. I7guy macrumors P6

    Nov 30, 2013
    Looking at Central Park@550 feet
    Since my son has my 6, I don't know if he is having that type of specific issue, where the button is clicked and no picture is taken. I do not have that issue on my 6s.

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