Why the 1.7% return rate won't change

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JayLenochiniMac, Jul 17, 2010.

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    A number of you are claiming that at&t's 1.7% return rate for iPhone 4 early shipment (returns to the Apple store are even lower per Jobs during the Q&A) is very deceptive considering that it hasn't been out for 30 days and people are still eligible for a return. Here are some reasons why the return rate won't change dramatically once the 30 day window is up.

    1. Those who found the iPhone 4 totally unusable weren't going to hold out 3 weeks for a fix before returning it. They have returned them already and are among at&t's 1.7% or whatever the (lower) return rate to the Apple store is.

    2. Apple has said there is no design flaw or defect. There is no "recall" so nobody is going to return their working iP4s.

    3. Those whose iPhone 4s work just fine when in a case are going to keep them cased, regardless of whether they drop signals like flies when naked, simply because there are not any better alternatives out there and it's difficult to return to ordinary screen once you've gotten accustomed to the retina display. Apple's giving away free case and the perception that the iP4 "They call me Mr. Glass" screen and glass back shatter and scratch like crazy are only going to motivate more people to case it.

    4. The press conference was a form of damage control by Apple to tell the news media to STF U and the media hysteria surrounding the iP4's problems will die down in the coming weeks, driving fewer people to return their otherwise fine iP4s.

    5. Apple has promised a software fix for the faulty proximity sensor (which is the source of some of the early returns).

    The only thing that might temporarily drive the return rate up right before 30 days would be caused by dishonest people with black iP4 holding out for the white iP4.
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    this thread sucks, it has reason and facts which no fandroid likes
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    You forgot to take into account the people who wanted an iPhone 4 and are waiting for Apple to fix their reception issues. Now that Apple has publicly stated that they will only be applying a band-air type fix, those people might decide to return their phones.

    And the return rate sky-rockets.

    You also forgot about people who purchased one, have no problems, but don't want a "broken" phone on principle.
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    Apr 6, 2010
    No people just like whining they would of returned it by now
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    That's how I feel.

    I was holding out on Apple providing a meaningful fix.

    Assuming my carrier announces that they will be honouring the 30 day return period, I will most likely return my iPhone 4.
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    People were waiting to see if Apple will come up with a solution to their issues but it seems like it did not happen. So I thing that you are wrong to assume that the 1.7% rate wont go up without any substantial proof to back it up.
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    I would like to know the return rates at the Apple store.
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    See #3. If their iP4s work just fine in a case, they'll keep it that way, especially given there's no better alternative to the iPhone. If they couldn't function as a phone, they would have returned them long time ago because nobody in their right mind is going to put up with several drop calls a day for 3 weeks now.

    See #2. Apple admitted no design flaw or defect so this principle can't come into play. Trust me, nobody is going to return their perfectly fine iP4s.
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    Jobs said that 1.7% rate accounts for customers who returned the phone due to antenna issues, yet AT&T doesn't have an option in their system to count such returns as antenna issues but rather "customer changed mind." So where did this number come from?
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    And these people are just silly.

    It's not broken if it works fine for you.

    So they'd go use a phone they don't like as much solely cause it doesn't have a flaw that didn't affect them in the first place (You did clarify that they have no problems implying the flaw didn't affect them)?

    Well, I just find that silly. I'm going to use the product I like best that does what I want it to do and if it has a flaw that I don't even notice? Well, so frikkin what?! It obviously doesn't affect me.

    I'm guessing these are people who aren't routed in the real world who don't realize there are limitations to what can be done and that nothing is ever perfect. I bet they find it really hard to be happy with anything. Personally, I'll live my life not trying to be unhappy with what I have. I'm betting I'm much happier that way.
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    No, I believe that's the return rate for all early shipment iPhone 4.

    What's specific to the antenna or anything related to reception is the 0.55% of all iPhone 4 users who called AppleCare regarding this issue.

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