Why the iPhone 5 will not be a 4S

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iKream, Oct 1, 2011.

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    Sep 17, 2011
    Right now it would be quite stupid of Apple to release a nearly identical to the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S. This is due to the fact that it's main competitors will be phones like the Samsung Galaxy II, and the HTC desire HD. The iPhone has always sold well because it had the one-up over other smart-phones. However, if there isn't a complete makeover of the iPhone 5, not only will competitors catch up with Apple, but they will overtake Apple. Apple can't get away with another 3G/3Gs type of update. Anyway, we will see on Tuesday, and hope that Apple has made the right decision.



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    Wow, finally an original thread :rolleyes:

    Calm down everyone.. less than 3 days left.
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    At the time when the designed 3GS to replace 3G, there was no Android phone yet. (3GS is older than all Android phones other than HTC Dream and Magic) They were mainly competing with WinMo and Blackberry. Now, the competitive landscape is completely different. Good luck to anyone who think that a 4S would still do the trick.
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    Wow. You have a lot of faith in Apple.

    I'm very much doubting a re-designed phone after today’s revelations.

    Why untill today I tought there would be a "new phone" is, well, the delay.

    Yes, a iPhone 4 shell with a better camera and the A5 chip is all very well and cool, but the they've had the A5 in the market now for 8 months.

    I can't see why there was a delay in the release of this year’s new phone to use current hardware.

    Unless they were revelling in the success of the iPad and were letting the iPad use up all the chips.

    I would love to see a new looking phone come Tuesday, but sadly I'd currently place the odds on that somewhere between 500:1 and 1'000:1.
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    i just can't imagine Apple neglecting the larger screen segment of the market. 3.5" is the minimum screen size by today's smartphone standards. If they don't release an iphone with a bigger screen then they are giving that segment of the market to anyone else who wants to come in and take it, like android manufacturers are currently doing. Lots of people are buying big screen android phones right now because there is no competition. Right now it's andriod vs andriod if you want a big screen. Apple could crush them with a 4" screen even with the same resolution as the IP4.

    But on the other hand apple is stubborn when they think they know best so who the #&@% knows.

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