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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mrcowdude20, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Why do YOU like the iPhone? Why not Android? Sure, the iPhone is made from Apple, but why not Android?

    P.S. I'm an Apple fanboy, so don't be saying that I hate the iPhone or Apple 'cause I will never buy an Android.

    P.P.S. Give me some good reasons!
  2. Kaenon macrumors regular

    Oct 4, 2011
    I had an Android mobile phone for about 1 year before switching to an iPhone. It was the Droid Incredible and I got the the day after it was released.

    I was getting a new replacement handset after the volume rocker stopped working and instead of opening it, I jacked my family member's upgrade, sold the D-Inc for $320 and used it to "test drive" the iPhone 4. I figured if I didn't like it, I would return it and pay the restocking fee.

    It was my first Apple purchase of any kind.

    Battery life was better, fluid OS, cleaner overall, and I love the aesthetics of the iPhone 4.

    I do however miss the Navigation app on Android (I would say, "navigate to Niagara Falls for example, and it would vocally relay me real-time directions, turn-by-turn).

    I still have the iPhone 4 today and bought an iMac b/c of the iPhone, since I had never tried a Mac before (still learning how to use it), and bought the Apple TV because of the iMac & iTunes library.

    So to answer your question of why I bought an iPhone, hmm... not sure, but I may upgrade to the 4S to keep my computing devices all in sync.
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    Great question.
    I have been an apple user since, well, 1984.
    I was a tmobile Sidekick user from the beginning.
    When the iPhone was released, I looked at it, but didn't jump on board until the second one. Primarily because of multitasking and missed calls.

    On a related note: when Android came out, and it was designed by Andy Rubin, the guy behind the sidekicks, I gave android a whirl. I HATED the original android phones/OS.

    I recently played with an Android Sidekick. I still didn't like it. It's a far cry from the original android, that's for sure, but A: it's not a sidekick and B: it's still clunky. That's just my opinion, I know.

    I tried a blackberry. And meh, I couldn't see the allure.

    I like the iPhone OS. I like mobileMe.
    There are things I don't like (such as real push for regular email accounts).
    I like how the OS works with me.
    But all in all, I'm satisfied. It wouldn't occur to me to "show apple" by buying an Android phone or a windows phone or whatever.
    And it would take a pretty damned fantastic phone (that wasn't a google based phone) for me to consider going through all the hassle of extracting from iOS and finding equivalents in that new system. It's not how I choose to spend my time.
  4. eaglesteve, Oct 5, 2011
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    1. Hardware button
    iPhone's sunken physical button means its difficult to press it accidentally. I don't like non-sunken or worse, capacitive buttons especially if it can accidentslly kick me out of the current application. I dont see the point having two buttons to exit an application when using one all the time would do. I don't like having to press a button to reveal all the function instead of having all functions logically and consistently shown on the screen. I dont like seeing the red and green phone buttons because it cause accidental dialing and call rejection.

    2. Applications
    I don't like a market place that is open. Unvetted applications could contain malware and inconsistent user interface elements.

    3. Fragmentation
    I don't like seeing a different firmware for each region. It sometimes makes it impossible to pick my sets of languages. My applications may not run on the new phone when I change handset.

    4. Bloated skins and Telco craps
    I don't prefer seeing these.

    5. Customization
    With iPhone, the jailbreak tweaks all works on the same firmware. I don't like the rom cooking approach of customization because adopting one tweak requires one to throw out tweaks of another rom. I also like the ease and extent of customization iPhone allows especially in the area of gestures and buttons. I use this, for example, to start/stop/skip/repeat media last played while using an unrelated application, on home screen, on lock screen, or even when the phone is asleep. Android just can't be customized in this manner.

    6. Vendor support
    Whether it is giving free training courses in Garage Band, or replacing a phone, or ease of getting to them over the phone to get support, Apple has no rival.

    7. Bugs and problem fixing
    With non-iPhones, I often see the same bugs or problems repeating models after models, be it KIES, camera coloration, GPS signals, etc, despite user complaints. Apple on the other hand takes complain seriously and each model is a visible improvement over the next.

    8. Android feels beta
    It seems to be that Abdroid is evolving especially in how it wants to do copynand paste. I have seen so many methods and am annoyed to see many older methods floating around in third party applications as well.

    9. I don't like rushed technology
    I often see companies rushing to be the first to do things like LTE, without thinking through all the issues such as effects on battery life. We end up with bad user experience as a result.

    10. Integration between iPhone, iPad, and Mac, the consistency and fluidity of the UI allows me to really enjoy using them rather than battling issues and problems. I can find my iPhone, iPad, and Mac using any of these devices, for example, is one of the long long list of subtle things that will be missed if I go out of the ecosystem.
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    Jul 28, 2010
  6. monaarts macrumors 65816

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    There are a few reasons... I used to HATE the iPhone because lack of multi-tasking and had a couple Android phones before the iPhone 4 (my first iPhone).

    Reason #1 (and most important): All Apps work on the iPhone. With my android phones, there were ALOT of times that I puchased an app and it would crash a lot or move slow because it wasnt optimized for that particular android device.

    Reason #2: iOS is a lot less bloated and gets hung up much less.

    Reason #3: the service Apple provides is unbelievable when compared to other manufacturers. Apple actually releases updates to the, when Android has an update you have to HOPE your phone will be one of the few lucky ones to get it!

    Reason #4: The iPhones just look plain out sexy!!! Seriously, the design is iconic.

    Reason #5: Resell value. When I sold my wife's iPhone 3G last year to get her the iPhone 4, I sold it for $280! It was almost 2 years old and made her $80 in the end. When I sold my last Android phon, I had to sell it for $75 when I purchased it for $200 on a 2 year contract!!!!!

    - joe

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