Why the MacBook Makes Sense.

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    When Tim first brought the MacBook out, I was excited but hesitant, and by the time Phil Schiller stepped off the stage, I realized my hesitance was justified. It was an iPad with a keyboard and OS X strapped on for 1300$. Relative to the other computers available in that price range, it just didn't make sense. I might as well have bought a MacBook Pro and suffered the 3.6 pounds for the added benefit of ports, a nicer screen, and power. I closed the live stream, and moved on with my day.

    I talked to my Dad, who is in his 50's, after the presentation, and he told me he wanted one. He has a 27" iMac for his professional work, but most of his free time is spent on his iPad. The MacBook Pro is a better computer in every way except for weight, but weight can make a difference for someone who wants to carry a device around the house, browse the web, and watch movies. As a disclaimer, some forum members in the past have made arguments for Apple's low performance computers (e.g. baseline 21" iMac, 2014 Mac Mini) because some people don't need the power. That is not what I am saying. I think some people will be willing to trade performance for portability, despite the cost.

    This is not for people who are thinking about getting a MacBook Pro, this is for people who want a tablet. The 128GB iPad is 700$, so the MacBook is basically a 8GB/256GB iPad. To be comparable, it would make sense to price the MacBook at 1000$. I think we will see a price close to that by 2016. If Apple decides to phase out the MacBook Air, the MacBook will fall into the lineup between the iPad and the MBP. It also fits with past pricing trends for first-generation computers (e.g. 1700$ first-gen 13" rMBP, 1800$ first-gen MBA).

    Assuming the buyer is not looking for a powerhouse, the MacBook is a really beautiful computer. While the lack of ports is limiting, I think it is aesthetically pleasing and simple. The MacBook makes sense, especially if the user has a desktop for professional work.

    I still think the price on the MacBook is too high. While some people will be willing to sacrifice functionality for form, the cost is too high for me. I would much rather buy a used 2014 8GB/256GB MacBook Pro for 1100$. Like I said before, 1000$ is a much more reasonable price, and I think it will drop to at most 1100$ by 2016. Given that price, I think the MacBook could be the most popular computer in Apple's lineup, and even at 1300$ there will be many buyers.

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    it's a great mac, and a good start (it IS first generation). and, despite all the whining/hating, i'll bet it does very well...

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