Why the review process takes so long?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by detz, Nov 21, 2008.

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    As far as I can tell there are 50-100 apps released a day which is really not that many. With that said how long does it take to review an app, on average...well for the safe of argument lets say an hour per app. Some will take 2 minutes some will take 1.5-2 hours. So, if it takes an hour on average that means Apple only has around 10 people reviewing apps daily which is pretty sad considering the wait times.

    Also, it's odd that apps that are small and stupid(This month it's xmas lists) gets to the store quicker vs the actual useful programs. I'm just confused and I will Apple would release more on this process because it's mind boggling.
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    The review team appears to do a lot more than run an app for 2 minutes.

    Based on various forum postings regarding rejections, many apps seem to be:
    - run on multiple devices (and not just the ones known to the public),
    - checked to make sure all advertised features are present,
    - checked for following all the UI guidelines,
    - checked by legal for violating any SDK agreement rules,
    - checked for violating any Apple copyrights or trademarks,
    - checked by marketing for being "confusing" or "of limited usefulness",
    - checked internally for using or potentially having access to undocumented APIs or features,
    - checked for handling strange low memory conditions,
    - sometimes even checked for spelling errors,
    - evaluated for featured product placement,
    - etc.
    This might require multiple test benches and/or reviewers for each app.

    Not sure about the consistency of this review process. For some of the above points, apps are reported to have been caught and rejected, whereas a few others seem to have slipped through into the App store.


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