Why things are always out of stock?

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    Hi, it seems that these days, there are so many rich people. Whenever something new is released or there is a sale, almost everything I want are sold out. For example, computer components, electronics applicances. BestBuy, Amazon, Newegg are always out of stock. It was not like that many years ago. How come there are so many rich people competiting in buying things these days?

    Perhaps due to generous refund policy, people don't need to think twice anumore. So, when ther eis a sale, they just place tones or orders and use the items first and then decide if they will keep the items later?

    Perhaps compared with pre smart phone era, many many more people now have access to the internet and access to information? Before they had to go to local stores to find out the items on sale. Before he existence of smartphones and wide use of the internet, only limited people had access to the internet could place orders online. Now, anybody can do that.

    Is that crazy mining thing still going on? I thought it was dying down due to much smaller profits than before. How come those people could afford to buy so many expensive GPU? Computer components that I purchased in the summer became even more expensive during BF. Moreover, a lot of them are out of stock. The prices should be lower as they get older. However, it is the other way around.

    It is so stressful to buy things these days. It is like going to war to compete in placing orders.
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    You don't have to be rich by any means to buy the items you are talking about
    In the US, even the newest iPhone can be bought on monthly payments that aren't that high
    And the same person isn't necessarily buying the newest iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, etc. because there are a lot of people in the world
    Things go on back order and then become available
    Just show a little patience
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    I was interested in several soundbars. When I checked one item at Costco, it was on sale (around $500 dropped to $230) but on the next day, no stock. Then, I checked two other soundbars ($2000 dropped to ~$1500). BestBuy always had no stock online and locally. This has happened many times on high-end products. For GPU, Nvidia website always have items out of stock. Same as Amazon, Newegg and BestBuy. Huawei's MateBok Pro is also always out of stock. How come those buyers are so quick at buying? Are those buyers professionals who buy things and then sell at higher prices later?
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    If you're in the store and they are out of the item you want, ask for a "raincheck" and pick the item up at your leisure when back in stock. If they refuse the "raincheck," ask to see the manager and tell him/her you might lose a customer, any manager with any common sense will issue one to you!
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    It's more likely that the retailer has very little stock. They're either clearing old lines, or using the headline price to lure you in then sell you something different. For electronics, the big discounts are usually on items that are being replaced with newer models. High value items are very susceptible to obsolescence. If you know the models well and are lucky, you can get good bargains this way (I have got some great half-price audio gear that way).
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    CES 2019, where many manufacturers introduce their 2019 models, is just ~1 month away (January 8). 2019 TV's start appearing on shelves in March. Manufacturers are emptying their warehouses and transitioning their manufacturing lines for the new models. That's why you get the discounts on old models, and when the warehouse is empty that's it. Some products aren't changed, or have minimal changes, so availability for these wouldn't be affected.

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