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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by MCAsan, Feb 6, 2015.

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    Wonder how much Adobe paid the blogger for that one :rolleyes:
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    That's more of a sales pitch for Lightroom training material than a useful page on why you should use Lightroom (as opposed to some other piece of software).
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    Especially when the link does not open with ease, and the OP does not bother to offer any further thoughts or observations on the topic (such as whether s/he thinks it useful, helpful, tiresome, or whatever).
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    Adobe seems to have a tremendous propaganda machine..Unfortunately other and even better software programs cannot rely on such a machine but need to get it from users feedback and their performance..
    The title of this post "Why to use LR" is quite ambitious, hence I was expecting some pointed arguments as to why we should use LR over other programs..?
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    I wish there was an easy way to share with messages like there is with photos, iPhoto, and Aperture. I know why there isn't. I just wish
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    Hmm. My copy of Aperture doesn't have Messages as one of the options in "Sharing...". Did you use a plugin for that? I guess it's too late to fix now though.

    I wish they would include a "Share..." menu, but none of the other PIE/DAMs do AFAIK. It means rendering a version to a certain format and then passing it on. Those other applications have tools for passing stuff to other graphics programs, collaboration tools, etc more suited to a workplace, while Photos obviously focuses on single home users. But still...even at your job you might wanna text a photo to somebody. Having just a "send email" function is kinda lame.

    As to the OP, meh. But not as bad as all the "I love Aperture and don't ever pry it from my cold dead hands since I love Apple!" posts, or "subscriptions killed my kittens and puppies!" posts.

    And BTW, at least Adobe has forums that employees read and participate in, and forums for suggestions. Apple? not so much. No forum for suggestions, no participation by employees.
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    There is, but it's pretty hilarious in it's bodgeyness.. If you make Messages into your secondary editor you can right click on a photo and choose "Edit In Messages" - then it'll pop up an empty message, then you just need to enter a recipient. (YMMV, it doesn't seem to work on some contacts? And you then have to delete a duplicate from the library afterward, but that only takes a second)


    It's annoying if you needed to use the secondary editor slot for an editor, but if not, it's a shortcut compared to dragging file to desktop/dragging into messages or export/dragging into messages etc.
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    Thanks. I hadn't considered that. Unfortunately, I DO use the secondary editor slot.
    Dammitall. Why doesn't it just work the way I would have done it? Is world domination really so much to ask?
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    That post reminded me of similar self-righteous "I know what's best" blatherings of Scott Bourne.
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    My slots are in use...so to speak. So I drag/drop. Super annoying. I do have a whole collection of exported miscellaneous JPEGs that I use for stuff like this, but it's a pain.

    And Apple's Messages kinda stinks too; no menu item for like "Insert..." photo.

    But good ol' Graphic Converter to the rescue...it DOES have the Apple Extensions "Share...." menu/icon, so straight to Messages. And its own (much better) email function.

    What also bugs me is that there IS a framework out there to reach into Lr catalogs so you can get versions, etc in collections, folders, whatever, made by Karelia. HoudahGeo and Fotomagico both use it. And it was once available standalone as iMedia Browser. I even dropped into some other app I had and it worked. But for some idiot reason it doesn't get used much. Aaargh, it would make using Lr with all Mac applications SO much easier. http://www.karelia.com/products/imedia/
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    As a recent convert to Lightroom it's been pretty hard not to notice how the web is seeded with an amazing number of "experts" touting the app. And generally selling training or plug-ins as well. I think either a lot of unschooled Lightroom users probably don't need Lightroom or Adobe is subsidizing these "ads". As another pointed out, Adobe has a stellar propaganda machine.

    Adobe might shift some of that money over to the code side as they have work to do. I fight an issue with unclickable thumbs in the center of a grid and the adjustments brush not responding. Knows issues since v5. Workaround is quit and restart Lightroom. Adobe users seem to just take it in stride so who knows what they're used to. Screen layout on a laptop (on the road now) stinks even toggling panels (which happens to be a 2 handed operation with their function keys). Solid DAM though, something that's quite difficult to find these days.

    The one thing my migration from Aperture has caused me is even more irritation at Apple for dropping the app or not putting into the open source domain. I don't need any of the connectivity with other Apple apps/services. I did want a group dedicated to improving Aperture's Develop module as Apple obviously had no interest.

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