Why use google's servers for syncing the new Notes app ?

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  1. madmin, Oct 6, 2015
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    I quite like Apple's new Notes app but wonder why they chose to use Google's servers for syncing ?

    Basically, during Notes syncing the system process cloudd (OSX 10.11.0) does a DNS lookup for the host: gcs-eu-00001.storage.googleapis.com

    which (where I live anyway) is returned as a CNAME pointing to:

    storage.l.googleusercontent.com (whose IPv4 address is:

    It uses TCP port 80, but thankfully appears to be TLSv1.2 based rather than clear text.

    I've done a little testing and Notes will only sync from my iOS 9.1 device to my Mac if I allow the cloudd system process to talk to this server, which I presume belongs to Google (+whois confirms).

    Does anyone have any idea why Apple wouldn't use their own servers for syncing Notes data ?
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    Apple outsources a lot of their iCloud data to other vendors. This isn't a bad thing. Amazon and Microsoft also handle some of it for iCloud.

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