Why will my video not upload to my mac?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by thuffjr, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. thuffjr macrumors newbie

    Dec 27, 2008
    I recently bought a new Samsung SC-MX10 camcorder. I tried to upload video to my computer and when i plug the fire wire in to the camcorder the lcd screen says usb connected, and i cannot do anything on the camera. I get nothing from my computer its like it wont reconize the connection. When i remove the SD card and read just that all i get is audio no video. The software that came with the camera is not mac compatible is there a software that i can use? I have imovie hd and idvd. anyone have any ideas?

    Camcorder file format is mpeg4 asp.
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    What file format does the camcorder record to? The file may bit be mac compatible like a windows movie file.
  3. Willis macrumors 68020


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    If you've plugged your camera via Firewire and it says USB connected, there might be a setting on the camera to say which to export too.

    Have you got any other media player on your Mac such as VLC to try and play back the rushes? Could be because of the file format the camera uses to record thats the problem
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    Jul 3, 2008
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    The MX10 is not supported by iMovie, whereas the more recent MX20 is (by iMovie '08, anyway: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2986). You'll probably need to use something like the free application MPEG Streamclip (google it): drag and drop your video files from the memory card and convert into an iMovie-friendly format.

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    What?, are you sure you are connecting it right? By the scare information I found when googling, your camcorder does not seem to have firewire. I'm quite sure not every version of iMovie accepts video trough USB, I know iMovie'08 (version 7) does, maybe iMovie HD does not, and only takes video from firewire.

    By default, whenever a compatible camcorder is connected, iMovie opens up to import the video to the computer.

    That's one of the reasons why everybody (myself included) is making such a big deal of the loss of firewire in the new macbooks.

    Anyhow, back to work.

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