Why wont my iBook die!!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fluidedge, Mar 10, 2011.

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    It's now 6 1/2 years old and still runs like brand new! I can't really play modern flash (youtube/vimeo) but other than that there is nothing wrong with it. I'd love to get a new MBP or something but with the iBook just going on and on i see no reason to spend the money! I can see this thing lasting 10 years, seriously - how many windows laptops can do that? Most crash out after a couple of years.

    When the ibook finally shows its age, can I install a super lightweight linux distro and carry on with that? What linux works well with G4 PPC iBooks?

    My question is also this, i mainly use the ibook for internet surfing and blogging/message boarding - would an iPad be any good for this? I can see it would be an awesome browsing experience but what's it like for typing/blogging/posting on message boards? I guess the lack of a keyboard is a downer.
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    Canada, Eh?
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    if you want headaches try arch...if you want to start working and configureing linux look to either debian, or ubuntu PPC. that being said if you have no idea what the terminal is, and you are not prepared to learn and get super nerdy then stay away from linux espicially on PPC. its not user freindly (the os is, but the config isnt) and if you post on a forum saying "hi total noob here blah blah blah" most people will tell you to go educate yourself and come back(and tbqh they are right). im not being harsh but thats life.

    however if you knew that already then good job (thumbs up)

    now..if you are serious about ppc linux i can give you some good pointers (and im sure that through the proper use of google you can find pointers instructions and more)
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    Thanks - I use CentOS at work all day I know my way around a shell but not really to configure setups/install stuff.

    Maybe i'll just stick with mac. I just wish it had some of the features i love about linux.

    Is it possible to have OS X but use windowmaker or KDE as my environment?

    Also is there anyway to enable the "highlight + MMB = cut + paste" functionality I have every day in Linux.
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    i have read some articals on replaceing the WM in osx unfortunatly it runs atop the windowing system in osx (useing more resources) and it has to run in x11. as for the cut and paste their might be some advanced mouse drivers but i am unsure.

    if you want to try linux (it does run fairly well) i reccomened ubuntu:
    ubuntu forums download links
    ubuntu cdimage server
    wiki page (read this lots of good info)
    ubutnu apple users forums (provides x86 and ppc help)

    and of course some people here and on the macrumors irc are quite knowledgeable

    if you want to try debian
    here is the link to all the downloads (inc ppc)

    ppc for debian is activly supported however info on topics is much harder to find vs. ubuntu.

    as always if you are going to attempt this pleas have a osx install disk handy.

    now if you want to stay with osx i would reccomend looking at mactubes for youtube and if portability isnt a factor try moveing your home folder to an external drive.

    upgrade that ibook to the max and gain some more performance(more ram, good ssd)
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    I have an old HP laptop that still works perfectly fine, and is about 6 years old. Saying "Windows" laptops is just ignorant.. any laptop treated with care will last for a long time, with the exception of the hard drive (a laptop hard drive running after 6 years of use is a ticking time bomb). If I reinstall Windows XP on the HP laptop, it feels like new (i.e. feels like it did when I got it 6 years ago). Why wouldn't it? It's not as if the CPU downclocks itself on yearly intervals. ;)

    Anyway, to answer your discussion, the iPad is a different experience, and I find for browsing message boards and replying it is quite tedious. Having to lap to select links, and scroll my moving my hands, after a couple hours use, my wrists are feeling tired. Each to their own, you might not be that bothered. I'd get a MacBook Air over an iPad any day. Not that the iPad isn't decent for what it does - because it is really cool - but it won't replace a laptop anytime soon for me. It's an accompaniment for me than anything else.

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