why wont my iphone sync? ***READ ASAP PLEASE***

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    I did some searching but found nothing of real value to my subject. I searched for "why wont my iphone sync?"

    Ok so heres the deal, im on a 3GS 3.1.2 JB using bl@ckra1n.

    RYP apps i have installed are winterboard, backgrounder APT2key for file viewing (SSH and the likes) and i think thats it.

    now when i want to sync my phone the backups take over an hour and it does not sync things like photos or apps it gives me this message which i will provide a picture of in an attachment below.

    i have tried reseting the iPhone settings to no avail, I'm hoping to avoid a setting up as a new phone being as i have data on my phone that will be lost if i do so, texts etc...

    anyone have any insight as to why its doing this?

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    Do you have any external drives you’ve been using to sync to now or in the past?
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    Apr 26, 2008
    no i have only ever synced via my computer. so I took the plunge and restored to a defult, i thought my phone had backed up but appearntly this error prevented it from doing so, needless to say i was quite ticked.

    now i have used spirit JB and i only installed Backgrounder, MxTube, and 5 icon dock, SBSettings, i noticed something called activator was installed im not sure what it is or does i just looked at it breifly. but as of installing those 4 items myself the syncing glitch is back.
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    Apr 26, 2008
    ok so i read the first link and that was the biggest help ever thanks aggie for that find, it solved my problem. just a bit to late though heh :p

    my itunes was trying to automaticaly sync over ringtones while i had manualy added a whole bunch, on top of which I'm pretty sure some of which itunes "doesnt know where they are" or hasnt located the file itself. so that must have been casuing my syncing problem cause it now syncs just fine.

    thanks again for your input.


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