Why won't safari work on my Macbook pro?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by sochet, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Nov 1, 2006

    I've had major problems with Safari 4 on my macbook pro. I first downloaded the beta and it just wouldn't work. I'd open the browser and the home page would load up fine, after that is when the problems would come. If I opened any other tabs and loaded a page, any page the browser would freeze. I couldn't close a tab and the tab I was on was completely unresponsive, if I tried to scroll, the bar would move but nothing would happen. tabs would freeze half loaded and in general it was pretty annoying.

    I thought this was just a beta problem, but safari 4 ran fine on my mac pro.

    I was still on 3 and pretty happy. But 10.5.8 has now upgraded my safari to 4 and it has the exact same problems. I've found an old dmg for 3, and I'm going to reinstall it after I take this MBP to the apple store (I also have a problem with writing DVD's so I figure I can have safari looked at then too)

    I'm pretty sure it's some sort of software program, as the white macbook I had before this MBP did the exact thing too (I used migration assistant to transition between the two)

    Anyone have any ideas or solutions?

    Thanks in advance.
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