Why would an app disappear from App Store?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by kas23, Dec 13, 2008.

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    I currently have a game on my iPhone called Hamster House. It's a very fun game and I love it. However, it showed up in my Updates category last night for some reason and when I tried to update it, the store said it no longer was for sale in the US App Store. I tried to search for it manually then, and it's no where to be found anymore.

    Now, why would a game just vanish like that? I don't think there is any reason why Apple would pull a game. So, why would a developer decide to pull a game off the App Store? Do they have anything to lose by letting it stay on there for sale? Do developers have to pay Apple money to have an app remain on the App Store?
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    Violates the terms of agreement, pulled for updates...
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    If it is very buggy and causing lots of issues for users then, yes, they have something to lose by letting it stay up: reputation.
    No, they don't.
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    I would pull an app if I found a serious bug that could cause a lot of bad reviews or somehow damage a users data.

    It's easy to do. Just set the availability date to sometime next year, and it's no longer in the App store (after a few hours delay maybe).


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