Why you won't see the iPhone of Verizon for a while

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by i-John, Jul 1, 2009.

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    This is why (in my opinion), you won't be seeing the iPhone on the Verizon network for at least 5-6 years at least.

    First, most of AT&T's network issues are not AT&T, they are phone issues. I have tested the same SIM in numerous places in numerous phones, and the iPhone was the weakest of the lot. I've been in areas where I had no 3G signal with my 3G, but when I popped the SIM in a blackberry, full 3G service. It was the same with Nokia and Motorola phones I tried. Luckily, I'm in a strong area where my iPhone works great. Yes, AT&T have bad spots, but so do the other carriers. Also, the amount of people who are complaining about service is small when compared to the amount of phones sold. Overall, the vast majority are happy with their phones and service.

    Anyway, onto the point of my post.
    I've seen many threads on various forums salivating at the thought of Verizon's 4G LTE network (which with be GSM based) and the thought that Apple will jump ship to Verizon. It's not going to happen any time soon.

    To understand that statement, you must understand the network. Currently, Verizon's network is CDMA based. The 4G LTE network is not backward compatible. They are initially only rolling it out in about 20 markets. Next, initially, it's only going to top off at 8-10Mbps (which in real world, it will be about 5-6Mbps). So, you're going to have one of 2 options until the Verizon 4G network is fully rolled out... go 4G and only have service when you're in a 4G service area, or keep your current phone and stick on their 3G CDMA network and never get 4G service. The only other option is that cell phone makers will come out with a phone with both chipsets available that will move between both. That will be bulky and expensive. It doesn't make any sense for Verizon to continue to build up their CDMA network because it will be useless within a few years.

    Now take a look at AT&T. They continue to and will continue to build out their 3G network while building their 4G network. A 4G LTE phone is backward compatible with a 3G GSM network, so the one 4G chip will work with both. AT&T will have markets with over 20Mbps speeds on their 3G network by next year. This is faster than Verizon's 4G network. They can hit building up their 4G network running because they will already have a compatible 3G network to fall back on.

    So looking at that, AT&T will be the carrier for a while, at least 5-6 years at least. after their current contract expires. T-Mobile don't have the 3G network to rival AT&T or Verizon, nor the customers. That would mean that the biggest cash cow for Apple in the US right now is AT&T.
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    I stopped right there and won't continue. They are NOT phone issues, here in Canada I have absolutely no problems with my iPhone on the Rogers network. Every other day I see posts saying "omg dropped calls" or whatnot; I don't get dropped calls, ever.
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    Thanks for repeating the same things that have been discussed to death already.
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    Full LTE 4G will take 3~4 years as the VZ CEO said the other day.

    But, I must wonder how many millions of extra iPhones to be sold will change Apple's heart and make CDMA iPhone for Verizon for next 3 years. Is extra 5 million units enough?

    Because, I just don't see Apple giving another exclusive contract to AT&T when the current one expires next year. It will become multiple in US. If not T-Mobile, it has to be Verizon.

    If Apple makes say a $200 net profit on each iPhone, and if 5 million CDMA iPhones are sold in 3 years, that's 1 billion in net profit.
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    I believe Verizon would agree to pay Apple for each iPhone sold because in the long run, it means more money for Verizon from those contracts and such. And since they use CDMA, that means no sim card switching to phones.
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    I would agree.
    I can see both sides of it, but I doubt Apple is going to stick exclusively with AT&T for that long.

    I doubt we're going to see a CDMA phone by next summer, but I also doubt that Apple plans to ignore 90 million potential customers for 5 years either.
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    I don't really see the OP's point.

    ALL verizon customers will be facing the same thing, new 4G technology not compatible with their old phone. But it's not like Verizon is going to boot them out into the cold.

    Verizon will build up their 4G service and when its ready, they'll start selling compatible phones. Where's the big deal? I doubt their service will be any worse than AT&T's.

    Neither AT&T nor Verizon will have their 4G services even close to ready until 2012 (when AT&T is just wrapping up 7.2 HSDPA!). Until then why couldn't Apple simply create a 3G CDMA phone like Palm and RIM do? I see literally no difference with the exception that eventually when Verizon shuts down their CDMA service owners WILL have to upgrade. Which will be several years after 4G comes out, and almost all will have new 4G compatible phones.

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