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    I hacked my iPod Touch before and did a lot with it and loved it. Then, recently, I decided to restore it to the normal firmware and use it like that for a while. Now, I am looking into hacking it again.

    My question though, is even thought I pretty much already know how to do it, is it worth my time to do it considering Apple could be coming out with 1.1.3 next Tuesday? One of my personal theory's is that they will also launch the SDK a month early. If 1.1.3 is going to come out next Tuesday with .app re-arranging support, why not go ahead and launch the SDK with the possible iTunes 7.6 (Fox DVDs pretty much confirm this), and demo the SDK capability and while Apple is at it, launch a few in-house apps to get it started?

    What do you think?
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    I think you're probably right on track with your SDK ideas. Surely the new apps will require a new version of iTunes, and why not 7.6, so developers can test it?

    Also, it would be stupid to release a "product" like an SDK with nothing to show. It would be saying "People can develop for the iPhone! Good luck with that, have fun." Nobody would care. They'll probably launch a few (hopefully) killer apps to get the ball rolling. Hopefully these apps will be of the I-didn't-know-that-was-possible-on-this-device type of thing.

    Also, hopefully these apps can be put onto the iPhone/iPod touch using, er, shady methods. For experimental use, of course.

    A sling player is rumored to be in the works, and this is definitely possible since Apple has seeded select dev teams with the SDK already. It'll be interesting, but hopefully the Macworld keynote is about computers for more than 4 minutes this year.

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