Wi-Fi adapter makes normal connection in OSX

Discussion in 'iMac' started by beerglass007, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Wi-Fi adapter makes normal connection in OSX, But 'limited' one in Windows 7 or 8 ?
    Can't get a working connection to my gateway router in Windows, the same router works fine and connection is normal, working one in OSX. Using the new MacBook Air late 2013 model.

    When I connect to it in Windows 7, it's flagged as 'limited', no internet connection available. Have tried uninstalling\re-installing wi-fi adapter drivers in device manager to no avail. It's probably some freaky incompatibility between the current Windows broadcom driver and the broadband router, any ideas on how to fix it would be great.

    I have yet to try it with a different router, but even if it works with a different one I don't think that warrants a router change, a router that otherwise works perfectly fine when the machine is booted into OSX.
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    Nov 14, 2007
    Are you getting a DHCP address from the router and able to ping it, or are you getting an emergency IP address instead (169.254.x.x).

    If you are getting a DHCP address and can ping the router, then the issue isn't necessarily a driver issue as you can communicate with the router. The issue may be the way Windows or your anti-virus software allows the interface to communicate with the Internet.

    If you are getting an emergency address only, this would point to a driver issue and Windows at a lower level.

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