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Sep 7, 2011
The last week or so, I can rarely get wi-fi to work. It certainly won't automatically connect to any of my 'favourite' networks, and unless I've just rebooted the iPhone even going to wi-fi in preferences makes it quit or hang.

Anybody else experiencing this? iPhone 4 32gb with iOS 5.0.1


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Oct 12, 2011
I have had some issues recently; all were fixed by either restarting the phone or restarting the router. At home there are about 8 devices attached to the wireless router and not infrequently there are IP conflicts. Just restarted the router this morning for this problem and it was fixed immediately.


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Jul 6, 2011
CA Central Coast
I'd suggest doing a hard reset first - hold down the power and home buttons until the white apple shows up. If it doesn't fix it, try that again - sometimes it takes more than one reset.

Otherwise, I agree a modem/router reset would be next. I've had my wireless printer suddenly not "see" its queue even though the printer appeared to be connected to the wifi. Took a day's worth of struggle to discover all that was needed was a modem/router reset, as Davidra says.

The other possibility is an app conflict. If nothing else works, be suspicious of the apps you've installed from the time this problem surfaced. They don't always play nice with each other or with iOS, especially if there are a lot of apps installed. Remove them in reverse order and see if the problem goes away. Then you can re-install all but the offending app.
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Jan 26, 2012
I notice you say you were having problems with multiple networks, not just your home network. The problem seems to be with the iPhone, not your home router.

Try restarting your phone first. Hold down the lock switch until "slide to power off" appears, then slide it. If restarting doesn't fix it, do the following:

1. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset (at the very bottom)
2. Tap "Reset Network Settings."

Warning: this will erase all of your network settings, including favorite networks and passwords.
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