Wi-Fi problems MacBook Pro 15" 2011

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    Mar 2, 2011
    Hello guys,

    I've been encountered Wi-Fi problems with my MacBook Pro 15" 2011 (early). After browsing different forums I still have not found a proper answer on what can be done to fix the problem nor troubleshoot.

    The problem:

    The Wi-Fi on the laptop is only connecting in certain rooms. For example, in my bedroom, the wifi can not be found on the MacBook (but the wifi can be found on my LG Nexus 4 as well as Lenovo laptop - we also tried with an old MacBook from 2009). So it is certainly something wrong on this specific laptop. I am able to get connection in a room close to the router, but then only if the screen is tilted. So - for me, it seems like its some hardware problem (I've read that the Wi-Fi card is somewhere close to the screen, so it might be some cable issues). When using an ethernet cable, it works perfectly fine.

    My question to you guys is if there is someone else who have had the same problem? And if so, if you were able to solve it. Im currently thinking of making a clean reinstall to see if it makes a difference, but due to my so far troubleshooting, I am afraid its a hardware problem.

    Is there anyone out there who have had the same problem and actually solved it? And if so, how did you do it?


    Sir Bacon

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