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Aug 13, 2008
Using an iPhone 6S, iOS 12. Had the same problem with iOS 11.

Basically, Wifi switches in iOS have a mind of their own. I turn it on/off in the control panel and it spontaneously changes itself 10 seconds later. I log into the settings to switch the wifi, and often it won't even allow me to turn it on. The switch will behave like it is frozen or locked off for some reason. Then, 5 minutes later it will allow me to switch it on. Sometimes, Wifi will be turned on in the control panel, but then I go to settings and it appears to be off.

It really makes no sense and it is very frustrating. Is anyone else having this problem?

I am thinking of upgrading to the iPhone Xs, but if it's going to have these same problems I may re-consider Apple products entirely. It's just the most annoying bug I've ever seen. I had thought jumping from iOS 11 to 12 would solve it, but it appears not. Some have said that it's by design to behave like this.

Any thoughts about it? Is it due to having an older iPhone? Does the Xs have the same problem?


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Oct 17, 2011
Sounds like something is off with your setup or device. Have you tried resetting your network settings if not all settings?


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Aug 13, 2008
Yes, the Network Settings have been re-set twice. Still goes on.


Jun 9, 2004
Clearwater, FL
Have you tried doing a clean install to see if you have the same issue. I have not seen setting spontaneously changing themselves.
I would second this. Time to make sure you have iCloud sync turned on for everything and do a clean install. Do not restore from backup.


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Jul 27, 2003
Do you have iCloud Keychain enabled? I’ve seen a bug where for whatever reason, it causes this issue (probably related to syncing your Wi-Fi network info). Try turning it off and see if it helps. If it does then try toggling it back on and let it re-sync.


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Aug 31, 2003
Silicon Valley
The same situation

Do you mean that you also have an issue with AirDrop shutting down? That had been a persistent issue for me for a couple of years. It has gotten better and I'm not sure why. It still shuts down, but it used to be that I'd turn it on in the morning and later in the evening it'd be off again. Now it at least stays on for days or even weeks before mysteriously shutting down again.
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