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    My express just burned out and while i'm waiting for a new one I've been checking out the reception from my airport extreme. I use the express to extend the network as I get no reception in my room.

    Now I'm standing right outside my room and speedtest is indicating that I'm getting 9 Mbps right outside my door and this is the most I ever get anywhere in the house and is about the maximum speed on this line. However, my airport utility is telling me the connection is 'average' at -89Db and that I'm only getting 1Mb per second.

    If I just take two steps into my room I don't get any connection at all, usually (without the express boost)

    This just doesn't seem right. it's a 1st gen extreme


    This is ridiculous, now that I've put this post up, my airport utility is indicating that the my rMBP is getting 29 mb per second in my room with the door now closed. And speedtest is reading 6mbps. I NEVER usually get any reception here. All day I couldn't get a signal in here.

    No other electrical stuff has been switched on. What can cause an airport extreme to vary between 0 or 1mb per second to 29 mb per second when it is currently the only device connected. Currently my iPod touch which is right next to the mbp will not connect.
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    After plugging and unplugging various combinations of devices, cables and hubs I have ascertained that the problem is to do with what is apparently usb 3.0 related interference. Apparently the airport express was providing enough extra power that the problem was masked however with only the extreme running I can get it working with all usb 3.0 devices including an unpowered usb 3 hub disconnected.


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