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Dec 28, 2004
This isnt mac related, but my dad just got the dell 20 inch widescreen. He has bad eyes so he likes his resolution low. What resolution should it be on? right now he has it on 1024x768, a normal resolution, and it looks stretched out. How can i fix this? I dont see any widescreen resolutions on the settings for his video card. Runniong windows xp.


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Jan 14, 2005
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He should try 1360 x 768 or 1280 x 720... these are both widescreen (16:9 or 16:10 or so) resolution settings.

Ideally, LCD monitors should be run at their native resolution, but if his eyes are bad I can understand why he'd want to use a lower resolution.


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May 11, 2004
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a good resolution might be 1280x800 (true 16:10, the same aspect ration as teh 2005fpw) although it'll look fuzzy and may actually be harder to read. you might try leaving the resolution at native (1680x1050) and turning up the software dpi to 120 or maybe even higher (this effectively enlarges teh onscreen text) to do that go to display properties>>settings>>advanced>>general tab. it should be a pull-down menu.


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Mar 10, 2004
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Use the native resolution of the Screen, LCDs function VERY BAD when you use it at another resolution.

Then play around with settings to increase font size. Look if you cannot use All Programs -> Accessories -> Accessibility in your/his Start menu (I think it's there... haven't had a Windows PC for ages... :eek: but it should be something like that...)


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Jun 23, 2003
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Just use native-res and change the interface to 120dpi mode in the Advanced settings. This will scale everything up (buttons, text, widgets, the whole deal).
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