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Discussion in 'macOS' started by dazzer21, Mar 2, 2009.

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    I've just had the wierdest thing happen. Sitting behind my iMac at work, all of a sudden the alert sound started sounding again and again and then the name of the hard disk under the icon top right changed to 'you've been owned'. I went to the console to see what happened and got this:

    02/03/2009 16:42:48 OSXvnc-server[104] rfbProcessClientProtocolVersion: client gone

    02/03/2009 16:42:48 OSXvnc-server[104] Waiting for clients

    02/03/2009 16:42:48 OSXvnc-server[104] Protocol version 3.8

    02/03/2009 16:43:30 OSXvnc-server[104] Client oo.ooo.ooo.ooo disconnected

    02/03/2009 16:43:30 OSXvnc-server[104] Statistics:

    02/03/2009 16:43:30 OSXvnc-server[104] key events received 428, pointer events 0

    02/03/2009 16:43:30 OSXvnc-server[104] framebuffer updates 0, rectangles 0, bytes 0

    02/03/2009 16:43:30 OSXvnc-server[104] Waiting for clients

    The IP address was not mine. This seems to be an obvious connection from outside via vnc - I'm no Mac security guru although I probably had my guard down as I connect to this machine from home via VNC myself. So could it be a virus or maybe I've been hacked. Can anyone deduce what happened from the above?
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    There ARE no viruses in the wild that affect Mac OS X.
    No antivirus software can detect a Mac virus, because no Mac viruses exist.
    There are trojans that exist, but these can be easily avoided if:
    • you are careful what applications you install
    • you are careful where you get applications
    • you never enter your administrative password without THINKING!
    You also may not be aware that this question, like many others, has already been discussed quite a bit (beat to death, actually!) Using MRoogle to search the forums before you post will frequently reveal threads related to your question that the standard forum search misses, and will help you avoid posting repetitive threads. Here are some of the dozens of threads on this topic, filled with opinions and recommendations:

    One thread that you may find particularly helpful is this one: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=7066120
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    Then surely anyone else could've.
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    Use SSH if you must remotely access a machine.
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    with a strong password ;)

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