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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by DraziGuy, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Oct 20, 2009
    I am a fairly new Mac owner (bought a 2010 MBA just after they came out). I love OSX and the computer, but I have noticed a couple of things and I am wondering if anyone else notices the same issues.

    Pretty much every problem I have had with the computer since I purchased it have been related to wireless communications. For instance, it regularly loses connections to SMB shares and requires a forced power down in order to reconnect to any SMB or AFP shares once the connection has failed. Attempting to restart through software just results in a hang until I hold down the power button. Moving from the living room to the kitchen (small house, about a 12 foot move) results in video being streamed from a share to start breaking up, but my Dell and my Compaq both can stream from these shares from the street (about 35 feet and a couple of walls away). At the university, the MBA takes about 60-90 seconds to reconnect to the authenticated network, but the Dell and the Compaq reconnect instantly. It is actually faster to just restart the MBA rather than open the lid and wait for it to reconnect, because the first connection of the day always happens instantly. It is just subsequent re connections for the rest of the day that take forever. Interestingly, if I leave the campus for lunch and connect to a different network or my iPhone, the reconnect is instant again when I return. When I first got the MBA, closing the lid and reopening it would cause the entire home network to crash. Each time I opening my Macbook, I would have to go to the ISP provided wireless router and hit the reset button because the network connections for every device in the house (wired and wireless) would drop. I solved that problem by buying an Airport Extreme.

    Also related to wireless, my bluetooth headphones work perfectly with my iPhone and my windows desktop, but when connected to the MBA at a range of about 18 inches, they have distortion and fuzz, kind of like a how a cheap pair of headphones will cackle when the volume is turned up, except that it isn't. The signal will be lost completely at a range of 6-8 feet, while when connected to my desktop they range the whole ground floor and when connected to my iPhone they are about the same. It is also difficult to pair the headphones, sometimes requiring 3-4 tries before it "sticks". They will appear a few seconds then disconnect. But again, the iPhone and windows machines see it as soon as I press power and connect without a problem.

    In short, nearly every time I have had to reset my MBA since October when I bought it, it was related to wireless. As far as application crashes go, there has been none that I can remember, but I am up to nearly every day I have to reset because network shares have stopped responding. Does anyone else find networking resiliency to be the remaining soft spot of OSX, or am I unique in my difficulties?
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    Oct 14, 2005
    I don't have any solutions, but just wanted to add that over the last 5 or 6 years, I've owned PowerBooks, multiple 15" MacBook Pros, a MacBook, and the first generation Air. All of them had significantly BETTER Wi-Fi and Bluetooth reception than my 2010 13" Air Ultimate. :(

    I'm really hoping the 2011 is better.

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