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    a quick question...when i have wifi on and my phone connects to say a local hotspot that requires a login, I can't get any emails etc. It seems that the phone thinks I have a wifi connection and therefore doesn't use 3g, but because it can't actually connect to the web I don't get emails....so, it's in a state of thinking it's got a connection, but actually hasn't.

    what should happen? I was expecting that the phone would recognise that it can't actually connect to the web and therefor revert to an alternative connection like 3G

    it's a pain to have to keep going in and turning wifi off incase it actually connects to a wifi network
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    In the wifi settings screen there is a toggle for "Ask to join networks"... turn that to off. Now your phone will only join wifi networks you have specifically approved and will not automatically jump on any network it sees. You may want to reset network settings to forget any previously joined networks and start fresh with this new setting.

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