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Feb 3, 2007
Hey guys,

I'm having a pretty strange problem with my Leopard MBP. I was using it earlier perfectly well, when my internet started to die. Basically I was running everything fine, then Safari and Camino both claimed I wasn't connected to the internet, when System Prefs and Adium did. (I was having active conversations with two people) Then all of a sudden I got disconnected on Adium, everything became slooooooooow, my mouse pointer moved like a slug and got jittery. At this point the WiFi icon from the Apple menu at the top 'disappeared' leaving my usual selection there, but with WiFi prominently absent from the bunch.

Edit : ok I've found I accidentally hit don't show Wi-Fi in menu bar when on system preferences. But do any of you know what could cause the internet to slowly 'die' in such a fashion? With a steady loss of speed then complete collapse? The router is clearly fine as I'm using it now, and my MBP has recovered also, is this related to the Leopard WiFi bug?

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Dec 12, 2002
Any of the 'notification icons' can be removed by holding down Command while dragging it off the menu bar.

To get them back requires finding their on/off buttons.

For Wi-Fi, it's in System Preferences, under Network. Click on AirPort in your list, then put a check in the 'Show AirPort status in menu bar' box. (See below)


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Jun 16, 2009
Bad button

It seems that the wifi button function was programmed by an intern, after which it wasn't checked for proper interaction/functionality.

That's very unfortunate for a button that's so relevant and so often used in nowadays wireless world.

First of all, it's not functioning as a button. How often do you see people clicking on it twice, three times, or more? Because it's not providing the common button-feedback such as a click-state. And since it's quite slow, a second click on it occurs very often, closing the popout window immediately.

The dissapearing is annoying too. Still happens, even after update after update of the OS. Why?

And simple turning it back on isn't as simple, as some people like me are troubled by the annoying "Your network settings have been changed by another application" bug, which prevent efficient usage of the network settings. Another persistent bug.

Actually, I could continue summing up things that make the wifi function on a mac horrible. Why can it be?

When a network isn't automatically selected, which often happens, you've to click each and cancel every password request in a hunt for an open network. WHy can't the wifi list not give any clues on which network is open, and which is closed? Windows computers can do it.

Does anyone has any idea why this function is so shamefully bad implemented? Intern work, as I suggested above?


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Nov 17, 2016
Tip: Using Sierra you should access System Preferences -> Network -> Select Wifi (even you want to see general network options or want a shortcut to access network options) and check the option "Show Wi-Fi status in menu bar".
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