WiFi color laser printers? Can't find any

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by patent10021, Jan 16, 2011.

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    I have both an airport express and extreme so I could connect a new color laser printer to one of them for wireless printing but I'm hoping to find a native WiFi color laser printer and all there seems to be are ink jets. Recommendations?
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    A quick look on hp.com came up with both the cp1525nw and cp1025nw. Those might be viable options depending on what features you need.

    When I was buying a color laser recently, I wanted a manual tray that could take a stack of paper rather than single-sheet, as well as automatic duplexing. That led me to the Broth HL-4150cdn and I've been quite happy with it. There's a wireless version I think, the HL-4150cdw, but it may be more difficult to find.

    Personally, I'd just use a cheap access point to make any ethernet printer wireless before I'd narrow my field of choices by requiring wireless to be in the printer itself.
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    The wifi thing on printers is more a consumer gimick, in my experience. I inherited a wifi inkjet from a previous tenant once and I could never get it to work well.

    The Airport usb port, on the other hand, has always been reliable. Unless you have a lot of problems with locating the printer by the express, I'd just use the airport as a printer bridge. Or, as deedwag said, just buy an a cheap access point.
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    Samsung makes two wireless color lasers: the CLP-315W and the CLP-325W. The 325W is the update to the 315W and is due out this month. I bought the 315W for my parents and they've been happy with it for several years. There is a non-wireless version of the 315W, the 315, so make sure what you're looking at has a W in the model description.

    One note of caution: these might not be the most stable printers on the most recent versions of OS X. 10.6.3 appears to have introduced to some driver problems that aren't yet fixed. Definitely do some research before buying.
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    Jan 4, 2011
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    Brother sell the following wireless colour laser printer - HL-3070CW
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    Do you realize that if you attach a wired network printer to your router... that all of your wireless computers, plus all of your wired printers will be able to print? You are also much more likely to have a reliable connection.

    I find a lot of people are confused that they need a wireless printer in order to print from their various wireless computers.


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