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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Trebuin, Apr 6, 2011.

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    I'm currently deployed and our building has two routers, east and west made by linksys/cisco. Naturally, someone has crashed the one on my side of the building by downloading torrents so my laptop is trying to connect to the far side router. The comm squad usually takes 2 weeks and until then, I have to head out to the bar and try to access wifi from there, or boot in bootcamp.

    The bootcamp drivers allows me to crank the signal up quite a bit and everything works at least...not very fast and I can't do video on Skype. On OSX, I lose signal most of the time and can't even chat until the router is brought online next week. Are there any alternate drivers for OSX on this macbook that would allow me to tweak the internal wifi, or will I have to purchase an external card or a router to piggyback my signal to get working again?

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    short of setting up your own extender within your office (which would be expensive since they're fixing it in a week or so), i dont believe there is any software that can allow you to boost the signal on SL. i havent found one at least. you may just have to wait until it gets fixed unfortunately.

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