wifi extender problem-mac gets full signal but "internet not connected"

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by madeirabhoy, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Oct 26, 2012

    havent got a big apartment but in some ways its like a big L shape with my router beside my computer in the lounge at the top point of the L, and then my bedroom is to the side, sorta the other tip of the L. in between is kitchen with fridge and microwave and stuff so the wifi connection wont pass through it. i get wifi at the entrance to the bedroom but not in the far corner which is where my tv is, and where iv plugged my old mac mini computer into the tv to stream movies to.

    bought a D-LINK wifi extender. its at the corner of the L, so in sight of both the router and the tv. it worked for a week or so (dont use it much anyway but it worked on more than one occasion to watch tv through PLEX).

    then it wouldnt work at all for a few weeks but didnt really have time to look at it.

    so yesterday, reset everything, logged into the extender with my ipad, tied it to my router signal which was a strong signal.

    my mac mini gets a full wifi signal, but says there is no internet connection. its not even that its too faint to work, clicking on the wifi menu and it says "no internet connected" but the signal bars are full.

    so would seem like something is wrong, but standing right beside it my ipad gets the same full signal and internet works.

    any ideas apart from throw the wifi extender in the bin and spend more money on powerline boxes (what i should have bought in the first place).
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    I think you are interpreting mixed signals.

    The signal bar only indicates the strength of the signal between you and the router. If it is full, that's great it means the router and your PC are talking.

    Whilst "No internet" can mean many things; such as the router is not connected to internet, the router it not sharing the internet with your pc, etc.
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    Oct 26, 2012
    but thats what i mean, the internet not only works fine at my main computer, which is taking its signal directly from the router, but also the internet works from the ipad standing right beside the mac mini in the 'dead' spot.

    its possible i guess that the wifi extender isnt then working correctly and the ipad is just better at picking up the weak wifi signal from the router, but i dont think so as the signal strength on the ipad is full and with the extender off neither was getting any signal at all.

    so any ideas why the mac mini, and only the mac mini, wouldnt be connecting to the internet?

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