Wifi is connected, but internet is not working

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    I'm on a 2011 MacBook Pro and all of a sudden after restarting my computer the internet stopped working, but I am able to connect to my wifi router. I tried Network Diagnostics and the last two connections have a red dot next to them. The last one I'm able to get a green dot for is the ISP. I have tried doing multiple resets, including an SMC reset. I have also tried deleting my router and adding it again. I just tried resetting my router. My computer is the only one that is not able to connect to the internet. My desktop, PC laptop, and iPod touch can all connect. Another weird problem is that my Microsoft Word has all of a sudden gotten an error. Whenever I open it, all my previously opened documents open up, and then I get an error message. It happens every time. Also, I do not have any proxies checked in my preferences. I have also deleted the SystemConfigurations folder with no luck. Repaired permissions with no luck. I also have the same IP that my router has assigned to my MBP for a while. Please help!

    EDIT: Chrome works but Safari and Firefox do not. ???

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    Go into the Network preference pane and report the settings you see. And make sure to check the "Advanced..." button and report what's there.

    Can these other devices connect with your Mac?

    Can you connect to the internet if you use ethernet rather than wifi?

    Can you connect to the internet somewhere besides your network?

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