Wifi keeps dropping

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    Hi guys

    I have a Three mobile dongle for the office and it worked great for about 5 months. About 2 months ago, my MBP connection keeps dropping.


    I know a *little* about networking and wonder if its an issue with my MBP rather than the dongle itself. As we have quite a few devices in the house hookedup to it, I wondered if it was something relating to the IP address on the MBP being dynamically assigned?

    Would anyone know where I should look or are there any good tools to monitor this? It's not a signal or proximity issue.

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    Wifi issues


    I've had wifi problems with macs for years and years. I think there are long-term problems with apple's drivers vs. non-apple wifi hardware (e.g., I can always connect to my apple base station at home, but my wifi connection at a local cafe is pretty iffy). Here is a recent apple discussions thread on it -


    Some have found that their mac has no problems when they boot it up in windows instead of mac os, suggesting an Apple software problem.

    Try turning airport off and on again. Does it work then, even briefly?
    You could also try going to Network preferences, then Advanced, then select and hit "-" to remove your normal wifi connection hotspot. Apply, then turn airport off and on again, and try reconnecting, and see if that is any better.

    Edit: misunderstood your post, not a wifi issue. Sorry I can't help specifically.
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    Contact Three for support. And if your Mac is under warranty, you can contact Apple for support.

    BTW, that's not a mobile dongle (plugs into computer), that's a hotspot.


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