WIFI network performance - lid closed vs open

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by brettatredback, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Mar 31, 2008

    I have a house that is not ideal for wifi. In particular, my office is an extension off the kitchen which has a solid brick wall between it and the rest of the house. Through 2 airport extremes, i get great wireless N signal everywhere in the house except this office. So, i added a 'N' airport express at the base of the stairs to this office and 'extended' the network.

    So, i have 2 macbook pros up here. One is running on batteries, sitting on my desk, lid open. It is showing a rate of 108, signal -66 and noise -88 in the advanced wireless clients section of the airport express which it is getting it's signal from.

    The next is closed and connected to a LED 24" cinema display. It is right next to the other MBP. It is showing a rate of 41, signal -80 and noise -93.

    Why such a huge difference? Would it be because the lid is closed, it is connected to the display or a faulty macbook?

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    May 29, 2007
    MBP's go to sleep when the lid is closed and they lose their internet connection.
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    But it's in clamshell mode connected to an external monitor.

    Basically the airport antenna is in the black plastic bits. When the lid is closed, you actually put a screen and a wall of aluminium between the antenna and the signal. It might also be farther then the other, which is affecting the signal. The other MacBook might also interfere with the other one, like it does with our computer in our apartment (There's a laptop and a PS3 between me and the router, and they all pretty much get a way better signal then me.).

    Have you considered using the MacBook Pro with the lid open? You get a free second screen that way, which is great for working. You could also use an Ethernet cable from the airport extreme, if it isn't to far away.
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    That's not entirely accurate. If you have an external monitor and keyboard, a MacBook or MacBook Pro run with the lid closed.

    As for the wifi problems, I don't have a good answer. I'd try switching their configs (the closed lid one open and vice versa) to see how the signals change, respectively. That would give you a good idea whether it's environmental or the hardware.
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    I had wifi connection problems for over a month. After concluding that it was my router, I went ahead and bought a Time Capsule 1TB as a replacement. Although my IPhones and other computers can now connect to wifi just fine....i noticed my MBP has the same weak signal. I use the MBP in a room that is about 40 feet away from the Time Capsule, and I have 2 other rooms in between. I just did some troubleshooting and realized that with the lid closed the signal is weak. With the lid open, (here in the exact same spot) my signal is as strong as it is when I'm right next to the Time Capsule. This is how it performed for about 2 months, since i got my external display.

    Is this a common problem with MacBook Pros? I was able to use it with the lid closed for about 2 months and never had a single connection problem. I don't have the room on my current desk to have my MBP open right next to my external display.

    This is really inconvenient, might have to take the MBP to the Apple store....

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