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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Slrunna, Feb 19, 2017.

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    Jan 15, 2013
    Hello all,

    So I have delved a little in the search and haven't found anything specifically dealing with the issues that I am having after trying everything I have read. So here goes:-

    This is all on a Macbook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2010) - Sierra 10.12.3

    - I awoke one day to find that I was seeing the error 'WiFi: No Hardwire Installed' in the top bar.
    - After reading so far I have:-
    • Re-set the SMC
    • Re-set the PRAM
    • Added and removed the WiFi in Network system prefs. in all variations - created new profiles etc.
    • Replaced the WiFi card
    • Replaced the strip cable for the WiFi Card
    So thats where I am at, still nothing.

    Is there something super simple that I have missed, or something that I should do. I am contemplating to take it into Apple to have a look at, however I am well out of warranty (Time and changes such as SSD and HD running with no CD Drive) PLUS the nearest apple store doesn't have any appointments within the next 3 weeks!!!

    I have been using a WiFi USB dongle for the mean time, but this is far from ideal and not to mention an ugly solution.

    Any suggestions truly welcome or any links to anything would be massively appreciated.

    If you guys need anything -Diagnostic wise - to help figure out the root of the issue let me know.

    Thanks so much in advance.
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    Jul 30, 2003
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    Jan 23, 2017
    You may be better off going to an Apple Authorized Service Provider than the Apple Store (since the computer is now considered vintage.) Chances are you would not be charged for the initial diagnostic procedures. Further, the Authorized provider would still work on your computer, where as Apple will not.

    Have you already ran the Apple Hardware Test? If so, what, if any, error codes did you get back?

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