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    Apr 22, 2010
    Hey everyone

    I bought a brand new still sealed in box iPhone 3GS from a person on craigslist. I'm really happy with the phone compared to my old 3G, can't believe I've waited this long to upgrade.

    But there is one problem I am experiencing though. When I lock the phone by pressing the power button, then unlock it, and try to use safari via wifi it just won't work. no page will load, even when i try other apps that use the net will not work/load data. What I have to do to fix the problem is turn off the wifi, turn it back on, and it'll work just fine.

    Just to clarify, I haven't been having this issue with my old 3G. The phone came with iPhone OS 3.1.2, but since I am not planning on jailbreaking/unlocking, I've upgraded to 3.1.3 to see if that would fix the problem. But it was a no go..

    Any advice?

    one more thing:

    when i unlock the phone, it does say it's connected to the wifi network, but it will just not load any data/websites. that's when i have to turn off wifi in the settings, and turn it back on.
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    Reset network settings or restore the phone in DFU mode and setup as new.

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