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    Hi all.

    I'm having a curious issue.
    At home I have a 250/250 connection, and on wifi I'm able to get this speed on both my Mac and iPhone. The router is a TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750, obviously with AC. However when I have family and friends over my measured speed imidiately drops to 20/20 ish, despite usage beeing very light.
    I'm guessing this is the router simply not beeing able/fast enough (processor and memory) to handle this kind of speed for 10ish clients. So which router would be able to deal with this? AirPort Extreme? Linkage WRT1900AC?

    Hope someone has ideas :)

    BR Mulo
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    Clarify some of this.

    You have 250Mbps (~30MBps) up and down normally?

    When you have a lot of people over you only get 20Mbps (~2.5MBps) up/down?

    But those other people are not streaming stuff at all (either within your local network or out to the Internet) ?

    I only get 25Mbps from my Internet so I can't say that a Apple could keep up with your much higher numbers. I got the Apple router because of how well multiple routers hand off to each other when moving around the house. I have 2 of them, one at the front of the house and one at the back and you can walk around the house with no interruption as they hand off the signal to each other (through a CAT5 wire).
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    Jup :cool:

    Not at all, they don't even have to be using the wifi, as soon as they are connected I get the drop in speed.
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    Does your router WiFi automatically drop to the slowest speed of the wireless devices connected? Are you using cable service? If your devices are not demanding service, then there should not be any difference in reported rates. I have a 30/15 fibre service and I don't see any impact to my 30/15 speedtest.net results when multiple users are connected (there can be 20). I use a TC current generation for the router.

    That router has ip based bandwidth control, wonder if there is something screwy in those settings? It is spec'd with 1.7Gb bandwidth, which means it should support 170MBps, well above your 30MBps limit.

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