WiFi to USB Dongle sharing

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    Is there a way I can share internet from my internal WiFi to a USB dongle I have?
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    So you have a Wi-Fi dongle plugged into you Mac? If so does it appear in System Preferences->Network pane?
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    vice versa

    there is a way you can share internet from a USB dongle to your internal WiFi.
    (install a USB wireless dongle and use 'internet sharing')
    i did this, it just works! but i am not satisfied, because i wanted to spoof a mac address.
    original airport mac address can be changed by using "sudo ifconfig en0?1? new mac address." but in case of new USB dongle, it does not work. why so?
    my new USB dongle's device name is "en3" , so i typed "sudo ifconifg en3 new mac address" but it does not work. so finally this is useless information..T.T that is all. have a good day.
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    You may have to go the other way around depending on the setup. However these steps are generic and should work either way.

    Go to :apple: --> System Preferences --> Sharing --> Select "Internet Sharing"

    Now choose "Share Your Connection From:" select "Wi-Fi". Then in the box choose your USB adapter. However, you may want to share from your USB adapter to the Wi-Fi in your computer...

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