WiFi transfer speed very slow - Macs only

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by veniculum, May 16, 2013.

  1. veniculum macrumors newbie

    Jun 20, 2009
    Hi guys...
    I know that this seems to be a common thread...but I've searched quite a bit and haven't really found anything but the question asked...but no answer.

    Let me start by saying...I'm a systems administrator on a corporate network with about 50 percent mac, 50 percent PC...on a Windows domain. So I don't need basic troubleshooting tips here (i.e. - I, generally know my stuff).
    So at home....I have quite a few computers...and file transfer speed between PCs is about what it should be. Running a Linksys e4200 wireless N router, latest firmware, etc. There is no out of the ordinary config on the router. And like I said...when I transfer large files (1GB and larger), I have no issue when transferring from PC to PC. Wired transfers are even faster. For example...a 1GB file will transfer from one Windows box to another (both wireless) within a minute or two...give or take. Wired transfers are gigabit, and are really quick.
    So I can't figure out, for the life of me, when I try to transfer that same 1GB file from my Macbook Pro (15" mid-2010), to my 2012 Mac mini (both wireless)...it will take, literally, a half hour to go from machine to machine...which is completely unacceptable. Now...with that said...if I boot the macbook into windows(bootcamp)...transferring a file to another wireless windows machine is fine. So I'm fairly confident that it's an OS issue. Both mini and MB Pro are running 10.8.3. Link speed is listed at about 170Mbps (in the network monitor).

    Because my experience with Windows is much more extensive than Mac OS (although, I have been supporting Macs for over 5 years now)...I'm absolutely stumped here. Does anyone have any idea why wireless to wireless/Mac to Mac transfer speeds are so slow? I appreciate you reading this longgggg post....but I'm really stumped right now...and I am doing a lot of large file copies to my Mac Mini (as it's my current HTPC).

    I look forward to your comments.

  2. chevelleguy3 macrumors regular

    Apr 24, 2013
    Mckinney, TX
    Have you tried doing any transfers from PC to Mac or Mac to PC? How does that perform?

    Could your router be having issues with AFP?

    How are you transferring with the Macs? Are you using AirDrop or connecting via AFP?
  3. veniculum thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 20, 2009
    Thanks very much for the reply. I am copying AFP...
    regarding your question about Mac to PC...connecting smb, I get the same results. 1.5GB File taking upwards of 20-25 minutes. PC to PC, the same file takes a minute or two.
    I'm not sure how my router could be having an issue with AFP...the router has minimal custom configuration....no port forwarding...no parental controls...no ACL, etc. Really, it's just handling WPA2 encryption...and, of course, doing it's job as a router/firewall.
    I should also mention....both wireless macs are just about line of sight to the router...which is on the second floor...but pretty much visible from where these macs reside.
    I just don't get this.
    I'm really not apple bashing here...but is this Apple's way of trying to get me to buy an airport router? Do these routers handle AFP differently? I wouldn't think so..but I'll ask anyway.

    Thanks again for the reply. I'd certainly appreciate some suggestions.
  4. chevelleguy3 macrumors regular

    Apr 24, 2013
    Mckinney, TX
    That is definitely a strange issue. I know you mentioned that running bootcamp on the Mac performs faster than running in OS X, but I'm still thinking it is a networking issue. I would possibly try a hard reset (default settings) on your router or if you have another router available (maybe a good friend will let you borrow one for troubleshooting). I have not had the best of luck with Linksys routers and Macs personally.
  5. Woyzeck macrumors 6502

    Nov 2, 2012
    I have the same problem. Copying files from my Mac Mini to my MBA results in transfer rates of about 150kB/s, which is totally unacceptable. And both are connected to an Airplay device (Time Machine).

    If I use the same setup with my Windows machines I get what I'd expect.

    Interestingly, though, is that during transfer there are several spikes with +2MB/s, but these last only for a few seconds.
  6. pukoh macrumors newbie


    Feb 19, 2016
    Did you ever get to the bottom of this?
    I have the same problem too.

    although i'm getting a better 200-500KB/s fluctuations.

    i can download at 2MB/s from websites. So it's not like a distance from router thing. Both laptop are next to each other.


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