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    Travelling with my macbook it often fails to connect to the internet. My phone and Windows laptop has no problem. I find the wifi and then put in the password and I’m on line.
    With the macbook it finds the wifi and I put in the password and it then shows it is connected in the bar at the top but when I open a browser it says “serve not found” or “timed out”. I try using the assistant, sometimes it contradicts the bar and says it’s not connected so I try to connect using it. I put in the password and it normally fails a few times saying “unable to establish connection” Then eventually it will say connected but when I try the browsers again it says “server not found” or something similar depending on the browser.
    I have tried this in many placed and always the same problem. Sometimes re-setting the router works but I cant keep doing this and in hotels and cafes it’s not always possible.
    I’m not too good with computers and especially the internet but I travel a lot and I have had this problem with the last 2 macbooks I have owned. I need something that will just be reliable.
    Dose anyone know what could be happenng this is the secong macbook I've had and both seem very tempramentl when it comes to getting on line.
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    You don't give the age or model of the MacBook in question, so it's hard to guess a reason.

    Since it's happened to two different MacBooks, it's possible that a program you're running or setting you've changed on both might be responsible ...as I've found MacBooks connect a lot faster and easier than any other Laptop I've owned.

    P.S: you do realise that some Hotel wifi has to be paid for, don't you?
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    This one is 2.3 i5 late 2011 I believe and the one before was also an aluminum MacBook pro but I can't recall which.
    As I don't really understand anything beyond the IP so I leave the network preferences alone, so have not changed anything there. I used an ethernet cable on the old one at home in the end, but this one seems to have been fine on my home wifi.
    It's out and about so in cafe's and hotels and such. I have asked a few people and it seems to be just me.
    It could be something very simple, but not that I failed to understand how hotels work.

    Excuse the delayed response I am trying to do this while travelling when the laptop will connect.

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