Wii Firmware 3.0 Breaks Freeloader?


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Jul 2, 2003
New York
http://kotaku.com/gaming/rant/wii-update-breaking-freeloaders-287086.php (Warning, Language)

Is this true? Have any of you all tried it? MRU, jimmi? If so I think I'm going to be sick and I'll be strongly considering selling my Wii.
While I may not like that the Wii is region locked, as someone who lives in the US, it doesn't affect me at all, and I fail to see why you would need one also being from the US. Europe I can sort of understand...

It makes you sick and you might sell your Wii because of this?? Why? Nintendo states that such devices are not allowed. If someone ignores that and installs it anyway, and then a software update breaks compatibility, how is that Nintendo's fault? For all any of us know it could be accidental too i.e: why would Nintendo make sure that all their software updates work with unauthorized devices?

If you're going to be mad at Nintendo for region locking the Wii, then do so; but for this?...


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Jul 1, 2004
@ Jimmi, this has nothing to do with modchips, it has to do with the gamecube Freeloader disc that allowed you to play imports.

Yeah, it makes me mad. Yes, I live in the US, and no I don't import games. But I purchased the Freeloader/Action Replay back for the Gamecube when I got screwed over by the Metroid Prime 2 glitch. So I went out and purchased the Freeloader/AR to get the screw attack rather than going back and replaying the 70% of the game I had already completed.

I've since used the AR to unlock all carts/tracks/characters in MK:DD and all of the extras in Smash Bros. If the update breaks the Freeloader/AR to where I can't do that (and I'll be honest, I don't have the time to go through and unlock everything, I just want to play) then I think I do have a right to be a little upset.

Given this on it's own, I might have just accepted it. I defended or at least stuck by Nintendo's choices when it came to most of its decisions regarding the Wii (lack of HD, no DVD player, no media player, not updating the USB to be able to use keyboard-until recently, no USB for Hard Drive/USB thumb drive).

Maybe this has just got me reconsidering a lot of my gaming future (or the lack thereof). If they intentionally did it, then yeah, I think it's a really crappy thing to do and it should have been done this way from ver. 1.0. If it was an accident, well, I think I could forgive them.

But the main point of the post was to make others aware of the story. My personal opinion was secondary, as it has the potential to affect others much more.