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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by takao, Jul 13, 2007.

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    got it myself last saturday and since then it has been eating up my spare time together with medieval 2
    it has been out for longer in the US but just recently got released here so it's perhaps old news for some people, even more so sicne it's a ps2 port but more on that later

    (Graphics) since the original palttform it was developed for was the PS2, it's obvious that it will get negative points here since the poly count in some parts clearly is up there, that said from tiem to time it still shines especially in terms of atmosphere like when the sun comes and of course the whole 80ties setting. another surprise is that it looks better on a friends 16:9 tv running in normal resolution than on my 4:3 tv with the very same resolution setting .. i wonder why, overall i would say it's a notch better than last generation GTA in term of looks
    in terms of grade you have to factor in that the whole city is kinda open so i would give it a 6 out of 10

    (Gameplay)if you liked GTA Vice City the best out of the last 3 this game is totally for you in term of setting. in terms of fighting it is normally 3rd person and works with either free wiimote aiming with nice adjustable settings i nterm of bounding box but if you have filled your "balls meter" (either through, bully enemy gangs, pulling of one liners by pressing A after you killed an enemy, burnout like driving around with your car) you can switch in some sort of FPS rage mode and can fill up your energy and finishe of gazillion of enemies for a short term of time
    apart of taking out street gangs you have start to bring back your business up which got busted in the beginning so you have to bring some stores on your side where you can sell your drugs under the counter, and of course washing the money in the process,bringing them over insvolves quite some intresting missions like taking out some rowdies driving around in the drive in cinema etc.
    also there are unlockables which in some cases are actually usefull like better cars which gives the player soem advantage and of course ridicolous customizations for your mansion like Khan's Armour or inca gold or stuff like that which are highly entertaining and also provide that nice "just one more mission" effect
    in terms of scale it's huge and can entertain for a long time.. my counter says something around 6+ hours but that doesn't include the times when i died or when i just was fooling around and loading the old savegame and i'm around 9% finished so there is a lot to do for the money you've spent
    overall i would rate the gameplay with a 8,5 or even more out of 10

    (Sound & Music) Sound: the Voice acting is marvolous despite all the obvious swearing which definatly make the game additionally with the violence 18+ and nothing for teenager, Tony Montanas character and voice is spot on ignoring the fact that it isn't actually spoken by al pacino except for the direct movie quotes. in generall the conversations or even tony ordering stuff by telephone soudns hilarious and in some scenes is actually really funny
    Music: shortly in the beginning there is a credits sequence where tony is driving around in a cabrio through miami and bands, artists are listed which licensed music is in the game.. when watching the sequence for the first time it just keeps going on and on and on since it never lists more than 4-5 artists at once,besides the included OST of the movie the amount of 80s music and how it actually fits the game is awesome and something which i have noticed is that the type of music chances soemtimes in correspondence with the current type of the weather .. for example if a storm is aroudn and it's dark and pouring rain then some fast metal is blasting when having the music on random whiel when it's sunny you might get more reggae, playlists are customizable
    if that's not enough the music list includes Judas Priest - Breaking the Law which gives extra kudos from me
    overall i would give sound and music easily a 9 perhaps even a 9,5 since it's great if not fantastic

    Summary: let'S face it it's not a perfect game because of it's ps2 based graphics but it's mighty fine for the wii if you are looking for some entertaining game for the summer which actually lasts more than a few hours and keeps you motivated
    that said it's ov course absolutlyn othing for the kdis with it's violence, drug dealing, and huge amount of swearing:the F-word counter breaks the 100 withing the first 30 minutes if you watch the intro (which is made from movie snippets and quite nicley cut)
    i recommend it at least as a rental for those who can look beneath the not so good graphics
    total rating: 8,5
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    yah i think the game is alright. blowing ppls heads off is great fun. games are more satisfying when you dont pay for them :)

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