Wii Version of Opera Finalized--Optimization Tips?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Makosuke, Apr 12, 2007.

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    The final version of Opera for the Wii was released today, and I was just goofing around with it to see what differs from the preview version.

    Aside from Google/Yahoo search integration and somewhat more clear scrolling, the biggest difference is that it takes a guess at the optimal zoom level when the page loads, and you now have the choice of "auto" zoom that goes to the width of the text, or manual which you pick your zoom level.

    There's also a "single column" mode now, which takes multi-column layouts and stripes them into a vertical column--as far as I can tell, it basically strips out floats and positioning from the stylesheet, so you get something like the "bare" version of the page, but with some background and text styling.

    Being that I'm a bit compulsive about browser compatibility, I'm wondering what y'all think the best way to optimize for the Wii is--sure, it probably will end up with less users than NS4 has now, but being that the Wii seems to be getting quite popular with the older crowd, it might just open up a little market segment that wouldn't have had internet access otherwise.

    The biggest issue I see so far is that it's default page width is a little too wide to make the page clearly readable even when zoomed, if you don't have much in the way of vertical menu/border stripes. I suppose setting a lower max-width would fix this (I think it uses Max-width to decide the width, rather than Min or at least something in between, which would have made more sense), but that unnecessarily cramps it on computer screens.

    The other issue is that when you kick in single-column-mode, since it's not stripping out all the styles the background colors are a bit annoying.

    Hmm... I wonder if it recognizes "media: TV" for the stylesheet. I'll have to test that. Would certainly be nice.
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    I wonder if I can convince my boss that we need to buy a Wii so that we can "test for browser compatibility". :D

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