Wii vs Xbox360 w/Kinect vs PS3 w/Move

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Dr. McKay, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Dr. McKay, Feb 2, 2011
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    I currently have a Gamecube and PS2.
    I was looking at a new console for our kids' birthday on 17th of March (5 years old).

    I was thinking Wii, since that would be most suited for kids that age. But something bothers me about the Wii : accessories.
    I just learned about the Sensor bar : ok, but that's another wire. Next to the Wii motes (we'll need two), nunchucks and all the batteries they need, I'm starting to feel that it'll be more trouble than fun.
    Same thing with the PS3 (and in addition to that, it's really expensive)

    So the 360 just has the standard wireless controllers + the kinect. No other accessories to consider. Only thing is, there aren't many games out yet that cater for young children.
    So maybe it 'd be better to wait until Christmas or somewhere around that time. Maybe I'll just get some more games for the PS2 and GC (maybe some buzz junior games) for the time being.

    In any case, I had never thought of it like this, but when I look at all the stuff you have to buy extra for the Wii or PS3, the 360 has a HUGE advantage over these systems with Kinect. Microsoft maybe on to a winner here ! Then again, there's that minimum distance of 6 feet... Ouch.
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    I've tried to play Kinect once. After screwing around for awhile we finally realized it would just not recognize us with any real accuracy and we had to stop and just use normal controllers. My guess is the minimum distance was the problem, we were within it.

    Honestly? Wii. You never notice to sensor bar cable, it never moves. And I don't really understand your complaint about controllers. They all have controllers (except when using Kinect, assuming you can get it to work). It's cheap and has a lot of games your kids will like, plus they can still play your gamecube games.
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    I don't get the wire argument because they all can have the same number. Power cord, TV cable, and sensor cable (Wii sensor bar, PS3 eye, 360 Kinect).

    As far as which system is best, it depends on what kinds of games you enjoy and which system has the most of those types of games. There really isn't a wrong answer, IMO, between the three consoles. There is only which one fits what you want the best.


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