WiiU or iPad or iPhone? Which to buy

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    I will put this here as it covers many forum areas.

    The Wii U will be launching here soon in Australia. And I am undecided should I get a Wii U or an iPad or an iPhone. I'll give a little more info on the thoughts on each.

    Wii U
    I have owned every Nintendo home console from the NES to the Wii. And loved them all. Especially the Wii remote. But of the past year I have gotten much busier with a new job and have less time for gaming. And my Wii has been collecting dust for a while as I game more on my Mac of recent. I am thinking the Wii cause it'd be cool to have. But would it be money well spent. I am a Nintendo and Apple fan. But I am not made of money to buy them all and have no time to really enjoy them all.

    I really am looking forward to the Wii U. But maybe it should be a future purchase then a buy it now. Maybe when I re-arrange my work schedule to have more time off to actually be able to use it efficiently I could enjoy it more. And I really like the Nintendo main game franchises. Mario/Zelda/Metroid etc etc. I do have a lot of content on my Wii I could transfer over to the Wii U and old Wii games I could play on the Wii U.

    I have never owned an iOS device. And an really looking into an iPad too. being online wherever I go does really help me as I have a one hour train ride each day plus a 2 hour split shift in the middle of the day to kill. That's 4 hours each day. And I don't have the energy to do all that much in these 4 hours. As being a chef drains my energy pretty well. But I would have enough energy to use an iPad to keep me entertained and check emails etc. Stuff I could do while I am out and not have to do it in my limited home time.

    Not sure if I want a 4th gen or an mini though. And the limited timeframe for being latest OS capable does scare me a little as a purchase this big would have to last a few years at least. I'd probably only get a WiFi version as I have no need for an LTE one. But . . . would location based alerts work on a WiFI only one? Simply cause I want the iPad to beep at me when I am X Km from my home on the train. So I don't oversleep and miss the train station to go home at night. laugh at that but going one stop too far is not cool. Rarely happens but is a nice failsafe.

    Pretty much all the same points for the iPad fit for the iPhone. I do own a very old motorola flip dumb phone. And do want to eventually replace it. But the unlocked iPhone prices are steep. But I think I can handle this. I don't want to be on a plan. The iPhone would also cover the fact I do not own a camera. I don't need SLR quality photos. Only stuff that's 10x15 cm good enough quality for a photo album or facebook etc etc. And the onscreen keyboard would beat the dumb phone way of typing sms. That is so annoying. I don't like it. Just not time efficient. Also would have the location based alerts I would need.

    Also I have no need or want for using the LTE features. If I did end up getting an iPhone it'd be WiFi 100% of the time. I am simply not paying for LTE or 3G or whatever data. The iPhone will be basically a camera and a phone (calls and sms) and a WiFi only computer to me. I can access WiFi hotspots I guess. And that should be fine.

    The downside is the smaller screen, more cost then an iPad and would have the same "limited timeframe for being latest OS capable" that the iPads have.

    Final Words
    Firstly I'm not interested in an Xbox 360 or a PS3 or their future versions. I'm not dising those machines, they have their fans. I'm just saying they are not for me. So I won't be considering one of these (at the current point in time).

    Secondly, I'm after something that'd give me the most value for money and fun. Fun is very important. I know the Wii U will give me a lot of fun. I just don't know for how long and when I'd be able to use it as I am not home much these days. But I can use the iOS devices whenever I am out.

    Thirdly I have read the topic here http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=407837
    Should I buy / sell threads
    Nothing there covered iOS vs Nintendo.

    The prices I am looking at are (in Australian Dollars):

    WiiU Premium pack - $428

    iPad Mini 32GB WiFi - $479

    iPad (4th gen) 32GB WiFi - $649

    iPhone 5 (unlocked) 32GB - $899

    So in short then question is should I get a WiiU or an iPad or an iPhone or neither and save the money?
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    Depends what you're after.

    If you're after a games device then the WiiU is the obvious choice.
    If you want a phone the iPhone is the obvious choice.
    If you want a... tablet (?) computer get an iPad. I've had numerous iPads and I still don't know what their purpose is! More comfortable portable browsing?

    Games on the iPhone aren't as good as what you're used to on consoles. Similarly the WiiU would make an awful mobile phone.

    (I never managed to get the location alert stuff working on my iPhone 4S. It seems you can set an alert when you're near to the place you're setting it, but not remotely. I've never been able to get it work for the reason you mentioned. I travel on the train a lot and was hoping I could set up an alarm to wake me up when I got near my destination. Maybe there's a trick to it, or another add-on/app I have to buy.)

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