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    Jul 6, 2009

    I've been trying to upload my wikipedia offline on my iphone but I have a few problems. I installed the client of Wiki2Touch on BossPrefs but I cannot index files. When I connect iPhone to Windows it says that iPhone/Ipod touch is not connected or something like that. I think that problem is caused of using me mac and my Windows is emulated by Parallels.(additionaly iphone is synchronized just with mac and when I plugin it to VirtualMachine system says nothing: just detects my phone). Any advice how can I solve this out?
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    Index? You are downloading dumps from Wikipedia using that dont-remember-the-name tool for Windows and then index it? I remember seen that but could never convinse myself to go through the download and convert process.

    Alternatively you can load the dumps ready made for Wiki2touch from here. Those dumps are from May last year, though.

    Then use your preferred FTP client on the MAC to transfer to the directories mentioned at the end of above mentioned page.


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