Will 2015 MacBook Charge off a SP4 Charger?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jfriedman8, Feb 3, 2017.

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    Kind of an odd question here... I have both a SP4 and a 2015 rMB on the way. I leave my SP4 charger in my road "IT Bag" and it has a USB-A slot on the charger. According to MS, the SP4 charger is 65W, higher than the 29W the rMB comes with. Question is if I use a USB A to USB C cable plugged into the port on the SP4 charger and into the rMB, will it charge, and will it charge without destroying the battery. Thanks in advance.
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    Or alternatively I also carry an iPad Pro charger with me would a USB A to USB C cable charge the rMB off of the iPad Pro Wall Plug?
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    When I had the SP4, I don't believe the charger passed that much wattage out of the USB port, but I could be wrong. I'm not sure USB can even handle that much power to be honest.

    You could consider carrying the MacBook's USB-C Charger with you, and get a USB-C to lightning cable and use it to potentially fast charge your iPad Pro (if you have the 12.9 it will quick charge, the 9.7 pro doesn't), then you're only carrying one charger as opposed to two.
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    Depends on the sb if it has dgpu then it's 60 watt.

    Op yes you can use it. I've tried it already and the computer takes what it needs no more.
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    And there you have it. Problem solved.

    Bummer. My thumbs up emoji didn't come through.

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