Will aftermarket SSD even be possible on the new iMacs

Discussion in 'iMac' started by djrobsd, Nov 19, 2012.

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    What are your thoughts on this? We all know Apple charges a fortune for RAM just like they do SSD upgrades. Do you think the new 2012 iMac (specifically the 27 inch one) will be user-upgradable on the SSD? I know that it's a PAIN even on the 2011 model to take everything apart and put the drive in, but still worth the effort given the cost savings, but not so sure on the new 2012 model based on how thin it is.
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    As far is I'm aware, no!
    And only the 27" has user accessible ram
  3. MojoRisinSD, Nov 19, 2012
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    If the glass/display is held in place with magnets, clips, screws through the speaker ports, etc... then I think it will be user replaceable. If they use glue, then no.
    I am rolling the dice that we can and getting the top 27" with standard HDD.

    I actually started a thread that addresses this exact situation:

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    The new versions of the iMac have two drive bays, as it were. One is for the SSD and the other is for the disk based drive. The SSD is a blade style thing like is used in the Retna MBP. It looks like this and is user serviceable. The HDD is another issue. It has a trick connection for heat management that makes it hard to replace with an aftermarket SSD that looks like a disk drive. OWC has a teardown for the 2011 iMac and rated drive replacement very difficult.


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