Will an AirPort Express create a "wired" connection on a wi-fi network?

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    I have an interesting problem. I have a device (its a Yamaha piano) that needs a "wired" ethernet connection (its an older device that has no wi-fi card/connection) - and as it sits in the middle of a room - there is no elegant way of running a CAT cable to it. It has power and there are loads of places to "hide" things inside/underneath it.

    So the question is - if I buy an AirPort Express, connect that to my existing wi-fi network - install the Airport beneath the device and connect it to power - I have suddenly have a connected wi-fi box with an Ethernet port on it - so if I plug my device into the ethernet port on the Airport- will my device "see" the internet and act like it has a wired connection?

    I don't want to order one if this won't work!!

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    Oct 30, 2015
    Yes. Set it up to join or add to the existing network, not extend it. Otherwise it will impede the network.
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    are you sure?

    does this work with all Express versions?
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    The current version works.

    The ethernet port acts as ifmit is a port of the base station.

    You could always just get a powerline ethernet adaptor instead, but the Express promises a lot of alternative uses.
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    Yes. All wireless N Express models have this functionality. Wireless G models do not have this ability however.
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    Have you considered using one of the PowerLine, ethernet over power, devices?

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