Will Apple ever lower iCloud storage prices?

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    Apple's iCloud online storage pricing seems excessively expensive when compared to Google Drive and other services. $100 will get you 55GB/year on iCloud whereas $60 will give you 100GB on Google Drive.

    I understand that iCloud offers more to the user in terms of automatic backups for iOS devices, but paying essentially twice the price for half of the storage seems a bit overkill. I'd rather backup all of my photos and videos manually to a hard drive or other cloud storage solution instead of paying $100.

    Does anybody else feel this way? Does Apple have a history of lowering online storage upgrades?
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    I suggest you provide iCloud feedback to Apple about this. Include the prices for Google and maybe one or 2 other reputable services. Also provide feedback about the capacity options since the max iCloud offers is 55GB.

    I'm not expecting Apple to lower prices to as low as what Google charges, but hopefully they will get somewhat better pricing and increased maximum storage. Right now, Apple is $20 per 10GB storage, it would be nice if they got it down to $10 per 10GB storage with a maximum of at least 100GB additional storage or 105GB total.
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    I don't think it's excessively expensive. Now, when Google starts providing a service identical to iCloud at the current rate, then I think it would be excessive. But in the mean time iCloud is the only place I know where you can backup your entire phone and restore from aside from your own computer.
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    Yes, its little expensive but iCloud is much better when it comes out to the backup your data.
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    This thread is 4 years old!

    And iCloud costs $12/year now for 50GB.

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