Will Apple launch a mesh wifi system?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by addictive, Jun 19, 2018.

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    As Apple has decided to no longer update their AirPort Extreme product is it possible that Apple is holding off to launch a mesh wifi system? Apple often come late to a product offered by other companies but end up doing it better and in a more simplified way.

    Could Apple include microphones for increased Siri integration? Or also speakers for their multi room Apple Music or podcasts strategy.

    It seems quite an obvious move but I guess if Apple don't think it's going to be a massively profitable product then it's not worth pursuing.

    I just think now Apple have mastered the speaker with HomePod and are investing more with Siri then why wouldn't you try.
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    "Will Apple launch a mesh wifi system?"

    They already sell one:
    The Linksys "Velop", which is sold at brick-n-mortar Apple stores (do they sell this online, too? Haven't checked).

    I have a Velop two-node system (which I bought and installed before Apple "adopted" it).
    Works fine.
    They can be found cheaper than "at the Apple Store", if you're willing to shop around.
    No difference between what Apple sells and anywhere else, as far as I know.

    And there are plenty of other "mesh system choices" out there, as well.
    If you're considering one, I'd take a month or two and "read up" -- MANY user reviews online (such as at amazon, etc.).
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    Thanks for the reply but I don't understand why this would prevent Apple from releasing a superior version themselves which is what. my question was about. A few years ago you could have said Apple didn't sell premium price headphones in their stores because they already sell Bose. But then Apple acquired and released Beats Headphones which they sell in their store and they became even more popular and worked more simply because of the W1 chip. I can't see why Apple wouldn't do something similar for Mesh Wifi when combing it with speakers and Siri.
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    Apple just left the networking business. They aren't getting back in.
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    There's zero chance that we'll see a mesh router from Apple. They dropped their AirPort Extreme, why start up a new product right after making the decision to get out of that business.

    Back in the day Steve Jobs jumped into the wireless market due to the dearth of wireless routers and he was pushing his ibooks as wireless laptops. Why sell a wireless laptop when there were no wireless routers. My point in bringing this up is at some point with security updates and support costs, there is no longer a need for apple to stay in that business as the profits are just not there and there are ton of other choices.

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