Will Apple repackage iMAC and sell it again?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by shiwulo, Jun 14, 2019 at 2:21 AM.

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    I bought a brand new iMAC from Apple's website this week. But when I opened it, it was "a product that was suspected of being repackaged." Does Apple now pack products from workers? Is it possible to repackage and sell it? I called Apple and they told me that the goods would not be repackaged and sold. But I am worried about getting the goods returned by others. If it is a returned product, what is the reason for someone else to return? Please pay special attention to the white seal of the software license. This seal looks a lot like re-sticking. I have a video of the opening process of the product. Does anyone have a similar experience? Do you believe that Apple guarantees that it will not sell repackaged products? I have previously returned the product to Apple because the product packaging is incomplete. But the product sent to me still looks like it has been repackaged. This time the product looks more like repackaging.
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    I would have the same questions as you have! Especially the plastic screen cover doesn't look like it should look (according to my experiences with new iMacs). Simply ugly! Same with the mouse. But then, I cannot give you an answer. Is it possible to get another one? Return it and order another one, if possible. Is is a BTO?
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    OP --

    Where in the world are you?
    USA, or somewhere else?

    If you are NOT in the USA or Western Europe, things might be different there...
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    I would say that has been repackaged.

    I would just return it
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    I always evaluate products on the basis of packaging and return them if it doesn’t meet my high standards. It’s important that the packaging is pristine, so I can throw it in the trash knowing that it was only touched by virgin (preferably gloved) hands. ;)
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    Thank you for your response. I also had the same situation when I bought the MacBook pro. When I called Apple's customer service, they stressed that all returned iMAC and macbook pro will not be sold again. I am in Taiwan, I bought iphone, macbook pro, iMAC all encountered the problem of "suspected repackaging". Maybe everyone would think that "returning, reordering" would be fine. But my macbook pro was returned four times. I don't think this is a single event. If Apple's goods are so expensive, they must honor their promises.
    I think "suspected repackaging" is a way for Apple to reduce costs. They seem to be resold without any inspection. There are always consumers who buy Apple's goods for the first time. Then the consumer may receive a "suspected problem" product. This is unfair to other consumers, isn't it?
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    Even if you return a product to Apple unopened, they are returned to a warehouse to be inspected. Apple Stores did away with returning things as "Closed Box" a long time ago and everything that is returned is now considered to be "Open Box" and is returned to an Apple warehouse that deals with inspection and repackaging/refurbishment. Source - ME. I worked at Apple for over 5 years and this policy was instituted about some time in 2014/2015.

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